On September 10th, Bob Keaty (USA) and I set out to summit The Dragon’s Tooth (~5200m), an unclimbed pinnacle towering over remote Bipeng Valley in north-central Sichuan, China. To the best of our knowledge, only one other attempt had ever been made at this striking objective. Our efforts ended a week later at the base of a virgin granite wall adjacent to the pinnacle, heavy rains soaking the surrounding countryside and making vertical progress impossible. With these and many new alpine features appearing in the vicinity of Siguniang (“Four Sisters”) Mountain, we hope that our attempt will not be the last.


p1060310 (Modified in GIMP Image Editor)

The Dragon's Tooth (unclimbed, 5200m) on the right.




Bob hauling kit to our Halfway House, the large boulder/cave in the foreground.

Bob hauling kit to our "Halfway House," the large boulder/cave in the foreground.


Ground support in Sichuan is available from Jon Otto at Arête Alpine in Chengdu. See Bob’s blog for further details. For additional beta, please leave a comment.